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Last Trip Before Meltdown Last Trip Before Meltdown

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Modern at its worst.

I will admit this is art, however this is not the sort of art the public would like to see. It is simply modern at its lowest form, it does not have a well drawn image, it does not have the beauty of simplicity or the realism of complexity.

It is lacking everything "artistic" and instead replaces it with horrible modern-ness. Never mind the fact that it is compleatly un-suitably named or that you are so arrogant in your opinions of what art is and your own skill that you need to be "brought down a notch".

Next time you need to increase your frail ego do it in privacy or at least have the Courtesy to now rub it in the faces of others.

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Omnigon responds:

Big declaration from someone with no art on his page. I'd like to see you try to top my work.