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Just expect no more "witty" posts from me for the next 2 days. (Not 3, today counted as one day)

Space/heavytank doesn't understand MSN and I wanted him to see a picture.

It is jolly good.

That attachment is a spy1 D:

I made a flash!

2009-08-16 10:05:53 by sirbobsalot2

And it got over 3.60! Thats just crazy.


Error, Fallout 3 needs to close, any data you have been working on may have been lost, sorry for the inconvenience.

Even after spending over 360 HOURS on it I still find it crashing, despite the fact my system could handle it if it was set up to the max.

Moral: Massive anti Communist robots get killed by END NOW buttons.

I need a hand...

2007-09-15 16:37:13 by sirbobsalot2

I need someone to help me make a Defense game, Because I don't really know the Action script and I have exams coming up some I won't have as much time.

Flash and Stickmen

2007-07-23 06:05:44 by sirbobsalot2

Don't you hate it when you spend ages on a flash and it gets blammed? Well that happened to me and I was super pissed off. And why does everyone hate stickmen? They are easy to make so humour can be added quickly and could be relevant. Shame really.